#Couchella2014: A Curmudgeon's Guide to the Best Coachella Experience Ever

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For the first time in a decade, I opted out of Coachella this year. There were a bunch of reasons: maybe it was the weak lineup, maybe I'm going through concert fatigue (three shows a week for 10 years can do that), maybe (gasp!) I'm really just too old for the neon and the Native American appropriation that happens in the desert for six days each April. 

If my husband weren't going I would've totally forgotten that the festival was happening this weekend. Still, in keeping with my propensity to hashtag everything instead of actually being in the moment, I figured I should check out Coachella's live streaming YouTube channel to see what I was missing out on. 

As it turns out, #Couchella2014 was the best idea I've ever had. Let me break it down by listing the pros and cons of NOT going to Indio this year.


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•CHEAP: Did you hear that tickets were going for $1,800++ this year? WTF. That's not even including 3 nights of $500-a-night hotel accommodations, food, supplies such as sunblock and hats, and transportation. Not only did I spend $0 watching the stream from my couch,  I didn't even have to take any vacation days. 

•EASY: The first day of the fest, I set it up Coachella's YouTube service -- which now consists of three channels -- at work. I opened three browsers for each of the channel and listened/watched the sweet sounds of Aloe Blacc, the generic GroupLove and snoozy ZZ Ward while finishing a presentation.  

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Broken Bells: Tolerable in 8x11 format.
•PORTABLE: At 5 p.m., I shut down my computer and prepared to carpool home. I set up the channels on my Android, and  prepared for a shitty on-and-off experience from a moving vehicle. Instead, what I got was TOTALLY unexpected: the reception was fantastic on my phone, and the sound was great. In an air-conditioned car, the concert experience felt ... tangible, more like we were there than anything else. My carpool mates and I discussed the parts of Coachella we hated -- annoying bros and girls who planned their outfits to watch the shows -- and were amazed by Goat's performance. T-Mobile is hosting the livestream, which may explain the FANTASTIC delivery -- not once did it buffer from my phone!

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