Coachella 2014 Band and Drug Pairings Guide

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Band: OutKast
Drugs: Cannabis (Sativa)
Take an obese 20 sack and crumble it up into a grape blunt wrap, and follow the funk from that skunk! A nice, uppy sativa high is a good bet any time any place at Coachella, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more apropo time for it than the Friday night headliner. If only they sold Old English in the beer garden.

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Band: Anti-Flag
Drug: None
If there's one time where laying off the sauce is acceptable, it's at the Anti-Flag set, as they're a straight-edge act whose members are also vegan. Sometimes sobriety is a trip unto itself. Mostly this depends on what happened the night before.

Timothy Norris
Band: Anything at the Sahara Tent
Drug: MDMA
Obviously. Judging by the puddles of humanity that gather in and around the EDM tent every night year after year, Molly gets more popular year after year. She'll grind your teeth and cross your eyes until the strobes and bass get you off--it's a old formula that works every time. She's the one Huey Lewis was singing about.

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