Coachella 2014 Band and Drug Pairings Guide

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John Gilhooley
Band: Motorhead
Drugs: Biker meth + rail liquor
A no-brainer, this band's name is '70s slang for a speed freak. Their brand of teeth-grinding, berserker riff rock was born in the nastiest squats around London, laying the foundation of the thrash-punk aesthetic for decades to come. So keep it real--the dirtier the crank, the better. Chase it down with a flask of the cheapest gin available, and hold on for dear life.

Nannet Gonzales
Band: Foster the People
Drugs: Quaaludes
In the face of meh reviews of their sophomore album, Foster the People have been billed pretty high Coachella this year, presumably on the strength of a now three-year-old hit single. When obsolescence is the trip, 'ludes--a once-loved downer phased out by modern benzos like Xanax and Klonopin--becomes the drug of choice.

Timothy Norris
Band: Empire of the Sun
Drugs: Psylocybin
They say the high desert provides the optimal visual backdrop for a shroom trip. Combine that with the splendor that Aussie concept-rockers Empire of the Sun build into their stage show (imagine Gwar's intensity + Flaming Lips' whimsy) and voila--the perfect setting for getting properly weird.

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