Coachella 2014 Band and Drug Pairings Guide

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Band: The Knife
Drug: DMT
When it comes to the mindfuckery that the Dreijr siblings choreograph into their live set--a "communal/political/conceptual/imaginational workout experience," aptly put by their press materials--hallucinogens are a must. An LSD trip is too lengthy an ordeal for a Friday night show, but a quick-hitting DMT session will spin you 'round nicely without getting too strung out, leaving the door open for hard-partying the following evenings.

Nick Vlcek / City Pages
Band: Pet Shop Boys
Drugs: Amyl nitrates + Ketamine
The Pet Shop Boys' synthy thump has soundtracked gay-club boogie nights across the globe for 30 years. After a few years of rumored Coachella appearances, what better way to celebrate than with a slutty, sweaty, popper-fueled dancefloor fling, followed by a trip down the k-hole in homage to the duo's 2001 musical, Closer to Heaven?

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