Top 10 Grindcore Bands

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The subgenre of extreme metal known as 'grindcore' combines the speed and aggression of hardcore punk, with the brutality of death metal. There are blurry lines that separate death metal, grindcore, and thrash metal and even black metal; some bands certainly overlap these genres. What sets grindcore apart mostly is how bands push the limits known to extreme music with more intensity, speed, intensity and lyrics. Short, buzzing riffs fast enough to snap necks; guttural vocals, and blast beats underneath it all define some of grindcore's key characteristics. Grindcore developed in the '80s, all around different regions of the world as a result of earlier extreme metal bands such as early Metallica, Slayer, Mercryful Fate and Venom and continues to flourish in underground and even somewhat mainstream metal communities, from Singapore, Colorado, the UK, and even locally, in the OC (see Phobia). We now present the Top 10 Grindcore Bands.

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To be a death metal grindcore band from a country with very strict laws such as Singapore, you have to have balls. The dudes in Wormrot definitely have balls and can back it up with their ultra brutal death grind sound, which is abusive (the title of one of their albums from 2009) yet absorbent, and loud yet layered in rage and textures of sounds. Using short tidbits of styles of metal, such as thrash, and even hints of old school hardcore, Wormrot destroy listeners ears and minds with their savage attack and fierce battle plan of being in your face the entire time with powerful walls of sound. The band was formed in 2007, and signed to Earache Records, in 2001, slowly building up an international following through out Europe and America, by touring.

Local underground grind masters Phobia have definitely carved their niche in the grindcore underground and put OC on the underground map of extreme metal, having toured with such bands as Exhumed, Cattle Decapitation, Deicide, Neurosis, Eyahategod, Impaled, Municipal Waste, Negative Approach, Lack Of Interest, Despise You and tons more local and national touring underground bands. Phobia is another grindcore band based more in politics than death and gore, with a still fast punk inspired raw death metal sound. Since 1990, the band has been grinding away in the underground circuit of extreme metal with a slant towards anarchist politics, playing shows with fellow grind, death metal or power violence bands, or any band that would share the stage with them. With a revolving line up over the years, the band still includes original member Shane McLachlan, as well as bassist Calum MaKenzie, drummer Bryan Fajardo, guitarist CC Grind and drummer Dorian Ranwater.

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