The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Carcass--See Tuesday
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Tuesday, March 25

The Observatory
Few metal bands are considered to be pioneers of two distinct subgenres. As teenagers, British group Carcass brought gore-obsessed grindcore to the forefront with their 1988 debut Reek of Putrefaction and the next year's follow-up Symphonies of Sickness. As the band progressed into the '90s, their sound became more complex and ornate. This style was captured on their fourth album, the now-classic 1993 melodic death metal landmark Heartwork. See the band this week, headlining the Decibel Magazine Tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts & Noisem. (Jason Roche)

Wednesday, March 26

The Sounds
The Observatory
Sweden's Sounds do new wave in a newer and wavier way--their overcranked dubsteppy synths and disco-punk guitars plant them firmly in the 20-teens, but the Blondie comparisons they get for the wrong reasons (singer Maja Ivarsson being blonde?) are right for subtler reasons. Like Blondie, who were into graffiti, reggae and rap before anyone outside New York City had a clue, the Sounds have a certain omnivorous adventurousness at work in their songs, which makes their radio-ready big-chorus pop that much more interesting than the next bands. They're touring their Weekend album and, case in point, it has one of the more somber-sounding songs about living for the weekend you're gonna hear. (Chris Ziegler)

Thursday, March 27

Middle Class Rejects w/ The Rikk Agnew Band
House of Blues Anaheim
What better way to kick off the weekend than with some punk rock fury to kick your teeth in? That's exactly what Middle Class Rejects plan to dish out on Thursday for a hometown show at the House of Blues. On top of that, you'll get an extra kick from punk legend Rikk Agnew performing with his band of seasoned punk vets. (Nate Jackson)

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