Metal Bands Say Goodbye to GWAR's Dave Brockie (a.k.a. Oderus Urungus)

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Erik Hess
R.I.P. Oderus
Our pathetic human words fail to describe the loss of GWAR mastermind and frontman Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, who passed away last weekend at age 50. Though we couldn't consider ourselves formal acquaintances of the shock rock god, we did bathe in his blood, bile and other bodily fluids at many a GWAR show. Though we're still left with so much confusion, frustration and sadness regarding his death, we've also seen an unbelievable amount of praise for Brockie and his legacy from various members of the metal community.

We took the opportunity over the last week to gather remembrances of Oderus from bands who either offered us statements or wrote them publicly. Hell, we even found out Moby was a fan. Here are some of the best quotes we gathered. So long, Oderus...hopefully you're busy taking over another planet's inhabitants, disemboweling their celebrities, staining their t-shirts, and making their ear drums bleed profusely.

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Tony Foresta (Vocalist of Municipal Waste)
"The first time I saw GWAR was at this little club in Richmond called Twisters. I was super young. When GWAR was playing I was so stoked, I jumped on stage and while he wasn't looking, grabbed Odurus' sword and stage dove with it. The crowd caught me and pushed me back toward the stage. Casey (Beefcake) kicked me so hard in the head that I lost all consciousness and woke up in the back of the room a bit later. I'm pretty sure Dave got his sword back that night, haha. I would have never thought that nearly 20 years later I would have traveled this continent for months and months on end multiple times and have done the things we have done together over the years. I have had some of the greatest times of my life with Dave and his insanity. His support for my music and love for Richmond is a huge part of the reason why I am the person I am today. I'll never forget him and everything he has taught me and my bandmates. Also, I will always root for the Redskins from here on out. He would have been stoked about that. Thanks for everything brother. I'm going to miss you so fucking much."
Mike Entin (Guitarist for Speaking the King's)
"The first time I truly encountered GWAR was when they made their cameo in the movie Empire Records. One of the employees has a dream that he is killed on stage by Dave Brockie a.k.a Oderus Urungus, which is their usual tradition, and then wakes up to find himself still intact. I always thought it was so hilarious, but it fit. The scene was a perfect representation of the band, it was so out of this world crazy but yet, it still fit perfectly. You will be missed Dave."
Zain Smith (Guitarist for Anti-Mortem):
"It's sad to see him go. Glad to say I saw them live in Oklahoma! Rest in peace. "
Nevada Romo (Bassist for Anti-Mortem):
"I saw my first GWAR show when I was sixteen I have never - and will never - see a show like that again. He leaves behind a musical legacy. He will be missed."

Andrea Ferro (Singer for Lacuna Coil):
I never met Dave in person but I will always remember when I saw GWAR for the first time in a skateboard video. I was blown' away by the crazy gimmick and the unique sound. Since then every time I've been reading or watching something GWAR related I felt a great positive energy and a special connection, a band I truly respected! Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some stay for a while, leave their footprints and we are never, ever the same.

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