OC Music Awards - City National Grove of Anaheim - March 8, 2014

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Bridget Arias
Kid Ramos accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award
The OCMA Awards Show
City National Grove of Anaheim

If you've followed our coverage of the Orange County Music Awards shows in the past, you know we're always on the lookout for the evenings' gaffs, flubs and general awkwardness. Saturday's show, hosted by KROQ personality Stryker, didn't disappoint on these fronts, but it was the nature of one flub in particular that ironically made for the night's most inspirational moment.

During lifetime achievement winner Kid Ramos's performance, his guitar amplifier went silent mid solo. The legendary bluesman, who during his acceptance speech had chronicled his recent battle with cancer, set about fixing the amp while his drummer kept the beat going. Stagehands emerged from the audience to help, but after a few minutes of drum solo, the situation seemed hopeless. A handful of pretty ladies, dressed in evening gowns took to the stage and began twirling to the beat in support when suddenly the amp roared to life and Kid Ramos finished the set with a rousing crescendo.

A fitting metaphor, the adversity he overcame during the performance only served to add flavor to the show--as did the evening's other gaffs, flubs and general weirdness--but some of these in less inspirational ways. Most notable among these was the Bud Light rep who handed out an award after Ramos's performance. "We've all been touched by cancer," he said wistfully before asking the crowd to raise their glasses in a 'Bud Light toast," to the OC Music Awards. Luckily for those who had any doubts about what was in his cup, the rep was conscientious enough to keep the Bud light label facing the cameras in the room.

There was more fun early on in the ceremony with the show's first award presenter, KROQ personality Beer Mug--who is the object of frequent ridicule by colleagues Kevin and Bean for his piss poor interview skills. Saturday night ol' Beer Mug stammered through an acknowledgment to the organizers "who help make the OCMAs run so smoothly," before the nominees for best folk band were announced. The winners--the Ultimate Bearhug--didn't even have a chance to get to the stage to claim their trophy before the music for the next award began playing. The band's singer, Doll Knight, emerged from the crowd, approached the mic and began speaking over the music. "I don't want to be that guy, but we're the Ultimate Bearhug," she said slightly miffed. A contrite Beer Mug suddenly jumped onstage. "That was my bad," he announced to the audience of hundreds. "I didn't know they were here tonight."

If there were an award for most heartfelt award presentation read from his smartphone, it would have to go to Ska Parade founder Tazy Phillips who announced the award for best world band. Talking about the Jamaican rhythms and the joy ska music has brought him throughout the decades, Phillips barely lifted his head from his phone, which apparently was where his speech was stored. For what it's worth, he didn't fumble a single word.

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Congrats to UNDECIDED FUTURE! Teen band from Orange County School of the Arts. They were nominated for Best Youth Artist and won the People's Choice Award, 2014. They released their EP on itunes and all cd baby affiliates last week! Check them out at undecidedfuture.com, facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I hope to see them in the running for 2015 OC Music Awards!



Congrats to UNDECIDED FUTURE! Teen boys from Orange County School of the Arts. They were nominated for Best Youth Artist & they won the People's Choice Award in 2014 by thier fans texting in live to the OC Music Award show. They released their EP on itunes and cdbaby affiliates last week. Check them out at undecidedfuture.com and on all their social media sites. They will be contenders for 2015 OC Music awards for sure!!

Kathleen O'Brien Curran
Kathleen O'Brien Curran

LOL, Peter Fontes, The award for best surf band got a few chuckles from the audience when members of the Originalites, a band known for their reggae-punk style, took the trophy. "It's really cool that bands can be recognized for the fact that they surf," one member announced. "Regardless of what type of music they play."


The stagehand who emerged from the audience was Johnny Main, guitarist of the The 44's!! It was an amazing show of their brotherhood!!

I'll also add. . The dancers who emerged were his nieces. We support our uncle 199.9%!!

Matthew A Meador
Matthew A Meador

I bet this event was really interesting, amusing, and inspiring to all musicians and connoisseurs of all musical genres.


Congrats to UNDECIDED FUTURE! They were nominated for Best Youth Artist and they won the People's Choice award by fans texting in live at the show. At that time they were 10th and 11th graders, from Orange County School of the Arts, and currently are in 11th & 12th grades. They released their new EP last weekend at The Vault in Orange. Check them out: undecidedfuture.com and on Facebook. Look out for them again at the awards in 2015!! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/superfine-single/id939768621

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