NOW! That's What I Call... 14 Songs No One Misses

Jena Ardell
Someone we know--we won't name names--quoted a line from 'Bad Touch' by Bloodhound Gang last week. (Yes, the "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals..." song). The fact these lyrics were at the forefront of someone's mind in the year 2014 still befuddles us.

Our response to the musical offender: "Now there's a song no one misses!"

The incident made us reminisce about one-hit wonders we wouldn't shed a tear over had they been suddenly eradicated from earth. In fact, the world might be a better place if these songs suddenly went M.I.A.

And so we present '14 Songs No One Misses' in the form of NOW That's What I Call Shitty Music! Volume 187 (because you know it will happen eventually). Feel free to indulge in watching the horrendously cheesy music videos. We know you want to see meteoroids narrowly miss Scott Stapp while he's singing in a field again...

14. Falco - "Rock Me Amadeus" (1985). Unarguably the worst song from the 80s.

13. Afroman - "Because I Got High" (2001). Who else had an ex-boyfriend who thought this song was specifically written for him?

12. Sisqo - "Thong Song" (2000). This song increased the sale of thongs in the early 2000s. That's quite an accomplishment.

11. Chumbawamba - "Tubthumping" (1997). Uhm, yeah... we didn't buy this single when it came out either...

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