The Best and Worst of MusInk 2014

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John Gilhooley
OC Fairgrounds

Every spring, OC's diehard tattoo enthusiasts gather for a weekend of music, moshing and ink-slinging better known as the MusInk Tattoo and Music Festival at the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa. This year's fest, presented by drummer Travis Barker, promised another buzz worthy installment featuring over 50 renowned tattoo artists, vintage car shows, a half-naked Miss MusInk contest and performances by The Vandals, Descendents, The Transplants, Gorilla Biscuits and more. This year's fest definitely left a mark. Firmly embedded in the cavalcade of rockabilly tough guys, punks, hardcore straight edge types and beautiful women, we made our trek through the madness to report on the good, the band and the ugly. Here's a quick recap of the Best and Worst of MusInk 2014. (Nate Jackson)

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The Best

John Gilhooley
The Ink on That Synthetic Hand: Cruising up and down the convention hall aisles and leafing through photo albums filled with artist's tattoos is interesting, but admiring their work on a disturbingly life-like synthetic hand is cool as shit. The guys at A Pound of Flesh create tattoo-able limbs for artists to use as portable portfolios or for apprentice practice. Given co-founder Abraham Cobaxin's background in special effects and the experience of his tattooist partner, Shaun Miller, their products look and feel incredibly authentic. Remember The Addams Family? These synthetic hands look like Thing's punk rock cousins. (Heidi Darby)

Little Kids with Tattoos: Parents proudly walked with their kids dressed in punk attire and sporting temporary tattoos. Kids looked proud when other attendees stopped them to ask about their tattoos. (Priscella Vega)

John Gilhooley
Descendents: It wasn't surprising seeing majority of attendees wearing Descendents shirts--I'm pretty sure we were all there for the same reason. The Descendents ripped through 26 tracks, playing songs from their entire catalogue and ending their set with X's "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene." After all the hype, the band was nothing short of delivering a wild set. (Prisella Vega)

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