Country Star Moot Davis: Wholesome as Rotten Apple Pie

Jena Ardell

Don't be fooled by Moot Davis's twangy, charismatic drawl and country love songs. He may appear polished in his custom suit and tie, but the truth is: he's as wholesome as rotten apple pie.

Judging his cock-sure gait and posture, we pegged him for an actor, and we were right; acting is something he pursues when he's not touring with his band. His other favorite things to pursue are married women--or at least they were--we're not sure if he's fully reformed.

Davis, who splits his time between L.A. and Nashville is releasing his fourth studio album, Goin' In Hot, on April 15. The album contains the romance of Chris Issak mixed with the classic, country sounds of Woody Guthrie. Davis's past work can be heard on the soundtracks of over 20 movies and TV shows.

We met up with Davis at one of his favorite haunts, Viva Cantina in Burbank, to chat over beers and dessert.

Davis refuses our Tex/Mex apple dessert burrito, but confesses he takes pleasure in watching other people eat dessert, but not in a sick way.

He tells us about his first affair, which got him expelled from a performing arts college because he was skipping classes in order to court his English teacher who was over 15 years his senior.

"I started seeing another married lady and I had a year and half affair with her. I went cross-country with her. We [left New Jersey and] went and visited her son who was in prison in Colorado. She was the first person who brought me to L.A.," Davis speaks candidly. "I liked [the affairs] because you get the best part of people, and then... run."

No matter how many awful things Davis tells us about himself, we are still charmed. His slight egotism is counterbalanced by self-deprecating humor. Davis is quick-witted and always prepared to accept or deliver a comeback.

"The last time this song was popular was in a 1920's German whorehouse," Davis says of the song the Country-western band is performing. "Is that woman getting shorter? She looks like a midget Kathy Bates in Misery."

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