'The Laramie Project' High School Production Gets the Boot in Fullerton

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Troy has a Gay and Straight Alliance club on campus and one teacher on the campus said he believes that members of that club have started the on-line petition.
A call to Dr. Giokaris has not been returned as yet.

While the play has generated protests from some small-minded quarters, for, one supposes, raising the possibility that the gay college student was the victim of a hate crime, the irony isn't that the play isn't pro-gay as much as it is anti-hate, and doesn't "glorify the homosexual lifestyle," as much as promote tolerance.
Which is exactly what an open letter to Dr. Giokaris accompanying the petition, alludes to:

"Please preserve the freedom of speech on Troy High School's Campus...As you sought to protect the freedom of speech with the recent Chick-Fil-A issue, we urge you to protect freedom of speech here once more on campus. The students of Troy deserve the protection of their first amendment rights just as each and every other American citizen. We urge you to allow the Troy High School Drama Department to put on the Laramie Project, a beautiful work that promotes tolerance in our nation."

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