We Survived EDC Mexico. So, How Did it Go?

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Courtesy of BSK Photos
EDC Mexico Main Stage
Over the weekend, the grandiose Electric Daisy Carnival made its way to Mexico City to what became the largest dance music festival in Mexico's history! 80,000 EDM lovers filled the Autodromo (speedway) Hermanos Rodriguez over their holiday weekend from Saturday to Sunday. Proving that dance music's stadium-filling popularity stretches far beyond the borders of the states, Mexico's capital embraced the culture as they immersed themselves in an experience they would have never imagined. From babies, kids, teenagers, to parents and even old school techno loving grandpas - everyone wanted to experience what El Carnaval de la Margarita Eléctrica (EDC) is all about.

We made the journey to the inaugural EDC Mexico to see how it compares to EDC Las Vegas and get a glimpse on how Mexico views dance music culture. As we roamed the festival grounds, enjoyed some of the top names in EDM, rode the carnival rides and even shuffled our way across the dance floor, we couldn't help but feel like we were at our first ever EDC all over again. Here's what caught our attention as we joined the all around elated festival-goers.

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Courtesy of Fernano Aceves
Fan at EDC Mexico in raver gear
The People and Their Vibes
From what we saw everyone was into the spirit of the festival. From the ladies outside selling flowered headbands and body paint, guards who walked us in saying they loved the bravery in wearing "raver" outfits, to the thousands of kids who dressed up in neon colors, rage hats, t-shirts saying common EDM phrases like "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat" (also the name of a popular song by Fatboy Slim). Those not in the EDM scene (parents, grandparents, babies and children) were also mesmerized by the costumes asking to take pictures. Though it felt more like a Coachella minus the yuppies because of the variety, they soon engulfed themselves in the rave culture and left with their faces painted, glow sticks and kandi bracelets.

Courtesy of BSK Photos
EDC Mexico Kinetic Field
The Music
We're not sure how many times we heard remixes of "Animals," "Summertime Sadness" and "This is What it Feels Like," but we noticed lots of main-stage DJs playing the same songs. Not to mention how many times they yelled into the mic, "Everybody Make Some Noise." The HARD stage artist like A-Trak and DJ Snake played schooled everyone with their mixing of electro, trap and dubstep which the younger crowds loved. While the Neon Garden had huge underground artist from Loco Dice to John Digweed, the techno crowd was surprisingly larger than in the states and everybody was vibing to the deep basslines and hypnotizing beats. From Mark Knight's proper house set to Tiga's funky techno, the noticeably older crowd never stopped dancing in the impressive Neon Garden.

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