Brandon "Gooch" Hahn's Comedy is Pantera-Approved

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I wanted to do both radio and stand-up and now I'm doing it.
Brandon "Gooch" Hahn is well known around Las Vegas for being a comedian and on-air personality at KOMP 92.3 but on March 27th, this funny man is bringing his talent from Sin City to our stomping grounds. Finally! The Irvine Improv is the place to be this Thursday when the "Cackle for Cancer" benefit show goes down and for one night only, Hahn will be there on stage ditching his "PC" on-air persona for his hilarious observational style and rock-n-roll attitude. Before he joins the amazing line-up for this incredible night of giving back, we got more familiar with this man who mixes his realms in hopes that we'll get the chance to see more and more of him in and around Orange County.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): So which came first for you, the comedy or the radio?

Brandon Hahn: Comedy did. I was doing comedy at 19 years-old and out in Vegas, they're all bars so it's not like it is in L.A. where you've got a bunch of comedy clubs you can hit. I had a lot of comic friends that would sneak me in so I'd kind of get lost in the shuffle and then the bartender wouldn't ask any questions. That's how I ended up getting on stage. Eventually, I ended up getting caught at all of those places too.

How'd you get the nickname Gooch?

When I first started in radio, Cara West was working 7pm to midnight. I didn't really know her at that point but I used to call into the show. I was just constantly calling and finally she was like, you should just come in here. I ended up going in and she was like, "We need to give you a radio nickname and you remind me of this friend I had in Wisconsin who was also a funny guy. We all called him Gooch so how does that sound?" I was like, I don't give a shit because I just want to do whatever I have to do to get on the air. So now I'm stuck with that name!

OK I thought it was maybe some childhood nickname...

Not at all! [Laughs.] And then like a week later, Jackass came out and they electrocuted the "gooch," which is what they called the part between your balls and asshole. Much to my surprise they called it a gooch because I always thought it was the taint but either way, I had that nickname for like two weeks and I was like, oh shit here we go.

Oh my god that's great! I know you've been to a lot of shows so, what's the most rock star moment that you've had so far?

The only rock star moment I've had that made me realize what I was doing was pretty cool was with Vinnie Paul. Vinnie is the drummer from Pantera, I love metal, and I love Pantera. He was at the Hard Rock in Vegas with his band Hellyeah and I walked up and was like, "I really like the new Hellyeah record and I work at the radio station KOMP. I just wanted to let you know that I think you guy's rock!" He was like, "Oh yeah? Which one are you on the radio?" I told him Gooch and he said, "I fucking know who you are, man! You're the one who says all of that crazy shit!" I just thought that was the most awesome thing ever. It was a big moment for me.

It's such a great thing to have someone you admire know who you are. Very cool!

And that's what it was. I wanted to be a radio guy for a long time. I mean, I wanted to do both radio and stand-up and now I'm doing it. I'm pretty fortunate. But when you have somebody recognize your work, it's definitely a boost that makes you want to work harder.

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