Beck Portraits, You Really Must Own

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PopMediaIllustrated on etsy
After a long hiatus, Beck has returned to the musical forefront with Morning Phase, a dreamy album that is swimming in accolades.

Fans need not anticipate another dearth of Beck tunes. According to Rolling Stone, Beck is already working on a followup album to Morning Phase that he hopes to release within the next year.

To celebrate the return of this folksy Los Angeles native, we've curated collection of fan art from etsy that proves either Beck is really easy to draw, or his fans are really talented. We're assuming it's the latter. You can catch Beck at Coachella this year or on his North American tour.

This archival print by PopMediaIllustrated (above) should be album art. The appearance, shape and texture of this print has 'limited edition vinyl' written all over it.

stacyswirl on etsy

This hand-pulled silkscreen print by stacyswirl is an extremely limited edition. She's only making 12, folks. And we want one.

ThomasHoyleArtist on etsy
This original drawing by ThomasHoyleArtist is incredibly realistic. It appears the artist has documented every freckle/mole/blemish.

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