¡Aparato! Opens Musical Doors to Other Worlds

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Jessica GZ
Intergalactic Jarocho Rock Superstars!
For all the ¡Aparato! audionauts out there, the wait is finally over! The group that masterfully meshes traditional Mexican music with ethereal post-punk sounds returns from a studio somewhere in the galaxy with its self-titled debut album in hand. Anchored by the duo of accomplished musicians Cat Mendez and Alexandro Hernandez, ¡Aparato! sears through six tracks that transport listeners to outer realms. Hernandez summons effects-laden electric guitar melodies that intermingle with the strumming of jaranas while Mendez's voice is enchanting in its richness.

The band, which we named Best Latin Alternative last year, continues to find new ways to innovate. As the lore of ¡Aparato! has it, the name, which means "Machine," was inspired by a Cafe Tacvba song. Notable beat-maker/producer Eugene Toale reached out to them, learned the electronic programming Cafe Tacvba used in its early records and applied it to ¡Aparato!'s offerings!

Before ¡Aparato! beams down to the Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts (OCCCA) this Saturday, the Weekly caught up with them about their new music!

On using a drum machine on the album's songs:
Mendez: "Working with a drum machine has opened the doors to another world for us. Eugene Toale, producer of the album, and Alexandro have been creating the beats for ours songs. The drum machine gives us an opportunity to explore with different sounds and rhythms for every song and for their different sections. I think the drum machine adds an ethereal mysticism sound to our music and, of course, a rock power kick. I love the way "Desarmar" sounds with the drum machine. I feel like we're traveling into the future! Imagine this: what would the galaxy and stars sound like with electric sounds and beats?

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