10 More of the Best Rappers in OC

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Supreme Cerebral
By: Nate Jackson and Gabriel San Roman
Last week, our list of Top 10 Rappers in OC seemed to cause a bit of a stir in the local hip-hop community, lots of whining but plenty of praises. Well, good--we're always glad to bruise egos and shake things up over here at Heard Mentality. But of course, the talent on these lists is what matters and frankly, there wasn't enough room for all the names we wanted to squeeze on there. So we gladly took another opportunity to share some of the music we've been bumping in our car stereo whilst trying hard not to get pulled over by the cops. And so we bring you another heaping hip-hop helping of 10 more emcees who are definitely worth your time.

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The Uncontrollable Rage

10. Rage
Born Dave Penalver, Rage is an Orange-based emcee who comes with 'uncontrollable' fits and flows. Always in the pocket with his rhymes, Rage is one to watch. New music is on the way this year, but looking back at Rage's "Going Crazy" shows you what he's capable of. Produced by Louden, the beat maker backing Reverie, the track displays Rage at his best. Catch him rockin' the mic too bringing the live energy to local hip-hop. (Gabriel San Roman)

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Catch that Illnes infection
9. Illnes
Santa Ana
Raised in SanTana, Nestor Medrano, better known as Illnes, is infectious. His voice delves into raspy realms and growls delivering a political punch in trying to elevate social consciousness. With a laboratory setting in SanTana's El Centro Cultural de Mexico, Illnes is involved 'Elemental Expression' workshops maintaining the culture. Since the release of his Dose One mixtape, Illnes tackles gentrification and other issues in new solo projects, including rhyming in Spanish. He's also part of the group Salvajes who are readying their debut album. (Gabriel San Roman)

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all 20 rappers need to get a real job.. I'm the best out there bitches


Shout out to Kaz, Ep, PWest, C4mula and Bugzy Nino!!!!! Pretty good list butI think the Sandmann and Siccness should have been mentioned...


Kay Nine Tha Boss should had been on this list, you guys are crazy.


Nice top Ten.. But I think y'all are missing one Artist thats been on the grinds for a min.. Always representing OC everywhere he goes.. K9 should have been in the List.. Bless


Ariano at #1?! What a joke all that fool can do is sing hooks...not a rapper! 


thank you!! ive been in the OC hip hop scene before there was a OC hip hop scene (1999) and more than half of them other cats on the other list i aint never seen at a show, instore, on the street etc... but im feeling this list even though cats like Castor Pollux, Mesidge, J.King, Maylay Sage, Fifth-P to name a few, shouldve made it... just my opinion


Wasted Talent

Filthy Drunx

Committee Fam


This list is twice as good as that last bullshit.

Brainwashed_in_church topcommenter

These guys look pretty tough. I'd hate to meet one of them in a dark alley.


@DylonDylonAndDylon  go troll somewhere else wierdo. BTW if you're the "BEST" post a link with your music & a real name. We are all watching.


@DylonDylonAndDylon @phaizrokhahaa and who are you ?

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