True Story: The Geek

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His backing band cranked into gear, and the light crowd of old punks circled the stage.
"I ain't no cor-por-ate stooge," he howled. "I ain't no gov-er-ment boy no more. I'm as right as a good man can be. I ain't no victim of Miss Liberty." It was the geek's most popular tune, and the band did their best to make it recognizable.

The rest of their set was less than memorable; after a sloppy 45 minutes, they called it a night.

The crowd returned to the bar.

The geek made his way backstage and sat as sober as he'd been in years--it was one of those rare nights when his alcoholic haze remained as sweat on the stage.
He ran his hand down his arm. Tattoos of sailing scenes passed under his fingers--he'd never been to sea.

"Do you think I'm a joke?" the geek asked. "Am I valid?"

"Sure you are," Shawn replied. He counted out his percentage of a small take. "You're punk as fuck, buddy--you ain't no stooge."

"No," the geek said, sighing. He was ready to go home. "I sure as fuck ain't no stooge. Hand me another beer."

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