Top 10 Metal Love Songs

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2. Danzig, "Devil's Plaything" (From the album Danzig II: Lucifuge, 1998)
This is a song about love, and evil. It is full of sensuality and the notion of being seduced by Evil, perhaps a physical entity or demon in this instance. "Love is a flame, a devil's thing, a violent storm, about to be born," sings the Evil Elvis in the epic opening of this song. Danzig's clear voice makes for a dark, romantic heavy metal soliloquy. This is the perfect song for lovers, with its deep sentiments of lust, sins of the flesh, passion and perhaps even Lucifer's own sick sense of erotic sadomasochism. "Devils plaything, in my hands, if you don't want pain, you don't understand," howls Danzig in this classic track. The image of flames and fire appears throughout, and the strong bass and drums and guitar work of original member John Christ adds to the rustic, yet deep song, about a darker, more passionate view of love.

1.Type O Negative, "Love You To Death" (From the album October Rust, 1996)
With Type O Negative, much of the band's material, revolved around mushy themes like heartbreak, depression, drug abuse, sex, violence and insanity. This made it a difficult task to choose the band's best love song. On "Love You to Death," listeners are instantly drawn into the romantic séance, with Peter Steele's deep Dracula-like voice. The gothic keyboards make for an eerie, elegant sounding intro that drips with sexuality. This song is about a man so in love with a woman he worships her every command, and smothers her literally to death with his love. You can feel the insecurity and anguish over this yearning for love in this song, as the late great Peter Steele's screams in the ending of the song. "Am I Good Enough..For you??" he keeps singing. This is a haunting, erotic heavy metal tune that is mildly aggressive but not too fast or violent. Perfect to make out to, preferably in a dark room. Too bad Peter Steele isn't around to perform it, as it was a staple in their live set when he was alive.

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