Top 10 Metal Love Songs

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4.Skid Row, "I Remember You" (From the self titled debut album, Skid Row 1989)
Okay, we know hair metal seems a little out of place on this list. But you can't deny the force behind this song, and Sebastian Bach's powerful performance. This song is a cultural iconic rock song, and goes beyond the confines of heavy metal. This could have been bigger than anything Bon Jovi ever put together, and to many fans it is. Bach has said in past interviews that the song, along with being a hit single for Skid Row was the number one song for high school proms all across the country. Somehow, "I Remember You" will always keep that nostalgic retro metal sound, and evoke many memories of fans who came of age when it was a hit, making it a classic metal love song.

3. Pantera, "This Love" (From the album Vulgar Display of Power, 1991)
This track might possibly be considered a ballad by some, but just more aggressive than the typical cheesy '80s metal love ballads. This song takes a beginning intro of guitars and builds up on the heaviness with Dimebag's powerful, crunchy bashing riffs. Phil Anselmo's lyrics exemplify a very abrasive, heartfelt but dangerous side of love; this is an angry, passionate yet and raw song, full of Pantera's vibrant rage, and it is all centered around a failed relationship. Listeners can really hear Anselmo's tortured, in your face vocals, and one can really feel the connection between the emotions of love, jealousy, hate and misery.

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Tenacious D - "F#** her gently' could beat them all in a heart beat.


Why not "Mein Teil" by Rammstein? It tells about a love relationship between a real life cannibal, Armin Meiwes, and his victim who wanted to be eaten so he would be a part of Meiwes for ever.


Dominia - Beautiful Innocence

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