Top 10 Metal Love Songs

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6.Deftones, "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" (From the album Around the Fur, 1997)
The Deftones are also known for producing sounds that defy the boundaries and constrictions of genres. Deep within each song, exists vast layers of bass and drums, guitar riffs, and ephemeral sounds, including layers of influences ranging from rock, hip-hop, trip-hop, punk and even dark wave and experimental. This track is the sixth song on the band's second album, and was also a huge successful single for the band. It's lush and very emotional from the start. Think of the band Weezer, but just a tad more heavy and much more passionate, and passive aggressive. Chino Moreno's unique voice has the ability to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. His performance in this heavy, scratchy and radiant song, aches of love, longing and the need to escape, anywhere he can with this special someone. "It feels good to know you're mine," he sings. "Now drive me far away, away, away."

5. Opeth, "When" (From the Album My Arms Your Hearse, 1996?)
It was difficult to choose one single song, on this third album by this band, since all the songs bleed into each other. From 1998, this was the third song on Opeth's first concept album about a departed soul and his tormented love for a woman. Filled with moments of beautiful poetic harmonies, and others with dark evil sounding riffs and demonic growls, this song is just less than ten minutes, which is short for Opeth. It contains the traditional brutality of Swedish death metals sound, and elements of folk, and classical and progressive rock influences of bands such as Rush, King Crimson and others. You can feel the sense of loss and tragedy within the story line, and it is clear the protagonist is very aware of his own 'demise.' This song retains the vibe of darkness death metal is known for, but instead of menacing or violent, the vibe is more of heartbreak and love stricken grief.

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