Top 10 Metal Love Songs

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8.Cannibal Corpse, "Stripped Raped and Strangled" (From the album The Bleeding, 1994)
Now, it should be obvious by the title, that this song is definitely not your typical upbeat, happy love song, or even a tragic tale of heartbreak. At its core, this track, from Cannibal Corpse's fourth album (and final with vocalist Chris Barnes) is about love, but a different kind of love. The character in the story line has a love of killing, mutilating, raping and desecrating his victims, before and after they die. This psychopathic killer gives a glimpse into his mindset and paints a picture of his disgusting, atrocious, hateful and evil acts, which he has a passion for, and this self-awareness makes the song truly sick. This sense of blood lust and need for torture, truly comes to life in the lyrics, which to most people would be unintelligible. The music is groovy but played at an insane, almost inhuman speed. Barnes' vocals are very demonic and evil sounding. Don't get me wrong, this song's subject matter is brutal, horrific, shocking, obscene and full of gore. But its death metal music, and it should be put into the same context, as a horror movie or comic book. Although many religious groups and others might argue, that songs with lyrics like this go too far and cross the line of decency.

7.Motorhead, "Love Me Forever" (From the album 1916, 1991)
This song, from Motorhead's ninth album was Motorhead's interpretation of a heavy metal ballad, and was eventually covered by German heavy metal singer Doro Pesch. The song offers Lemmy's take on love, considering he has been known as having one hell of a 'love' life, literally filled with rock n' roll, sex, drugs, booze and more sex. "Love me or leave me, tell me no lies, Ask me no questions, send me no spies, You know love's a thief, steal your heart in the night, slip through your fingers, you best hold on tight," Lemmy sings to end this epic rendition of a love song by one of metal's most respected band.

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