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In honor of St. Valentine's Day, we wanted to offer you a list of love songs. But, these aren't the ordinary love songs about boys falling in love with girls, or girls getting their heart broken. The following heavy metal songs represent the madness and chaos of love's firm grip on the human psyche. These songs all include tales and stories of torment, romance, lust, sexuality, jealousy, betrayal, the question of evil and the nature of sadomasochism, and even, the unspeakable acts, of the sexually/criminally insane. Most of all these songs are passionate and full of that spirit and energy (and rage) that only love can conjure up.We now present Metal's Top Ten Love Songs.

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10.Bathory, "Woman of Dark Desires" (From the album Under the Sign of the Black Mark, 1987)

Woman of Dark Desires is a thrashy, black metal love song; a tribute to Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the female member of Royalty from 14th Century Eastern Europe, who is responsible for vampiric legends, from real life crimes where she tortured, killed, raped and bathed in the blood of many female victims. It was said the blood gave her eternal beauty and youth. This historic figure was always shrouded in mysticism, occult and eroticism, much like the one-man band Bathory, led by the late Swedish metal musician Qurothon. The song is named after Countess Bathory, and vividly gives readers a picture of her ghastly, blood soaked rituals in the 1500s, in her castle, near modern day Hungary. Bathory was not the first, and won't be the last of black metal bands to profess their love for Elizabeth Bathory, and the lore that surrounds her vampiric killings.

9.Bleeding Through, "Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire" (From the 2003 album This Is Love This Is Murderous)
This song is the first track on this album, from one of OC's best metal core exports. It fits perfect for a record with the cover featuring a real looking bloody heart with a knife pierced through it, and the band's logo written in blood. The song sets the tone and flow for the rest of the album, and is full of very heavy emotions of hate, and torment over love gone wrong; possibly betrayal. But, the ending message is one of strength, as vocalist Brandan Schieppati screams "now I rise from my knees, I will not live in misery, you won't take me, you will not destroy me, you cannot destroy me, I'll fight you with every ounce of strength I have left, I'll seal it with a bullet and a kiss!

Structurally, the song melds in the traditional breakdowns of metal core, but makes them feel groovy and natural, rather than too long, deep heavy and forced. The under layers of the harsh, heavy thrash/black death core riffs are the faint symphonic keyboards that truly set Bleeding Through apart from its peers. This song directly deals with heartbreak, but gives listeners hope to recover from such misery and pain caused by love.

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