The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Brody Dalle--See Sunday
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Friday, February 14

Tijuana Panthers
The Glass House
Are there three nicer boys you could spend Valentine's Day with than Tijuana Panthers? Recent "Tijuana Panthers Creep Club" souvenir buttons notwithstanding, this Long Beach punk-power-pop trio is all about communication, honesty and being themselves, which in this case happens to sound like the dream-come-true realization of what would have happened if Posh Boy Records had discovered and signed New Zealand's Clean circa 1979, or if the Modern Lovers had inspired as many teenage garage bands as the Ramones did. It's music for those in love with the old world, with stellar support from OC's heavily psychedelic Cosmonauts--who find their beauty and romance in the center of a storm of noise--and Pedro surf trio Bombon, keeping the spirit of budget rock alive.
(Chris Ziegler)

Sexy Hearts One Love Party
Detroit Bar
Love is in the air tonight, and while not everyone is going to be paired off with a sweetie, that doesn't mean you can't feel some loving vibes from this evening's festivities at Detroit Bar. The masters behind Noise Revolt are going to be in the house providing the soundtrack to a one-of-a-kind party, filled with live painting artists like House of Hooligans, Nikola Sack, Henna painting by Denia Ramos, and of course, drinks! But wait, there's more! An open mic session and dance performance by Courtiers of Light are also in store. So don't sweat the Friday night plans, just come down and have a chill, sexy time. (Aimee Murillo)

Saturday, February 15

The Abigails
Detroit Bar
The front of Abigails LP Tundra (out on Burger Records) is Abigails mastermind Warren Thomas alone and stranded in some spaghetti-western desert, and if that doesn't tell you exactly what this is gonna sound like, it's only because it would've been logistically prohibitive to put scorch marks on every single cover. Tundra lead track "Twenty Nine" reveals shockingly lush production--for the Abigails, that means you can't hear the cigarette smoke dissolving the tape--and songs that sound like Alex Chilton producing Lee Hazlewood, or the Gun Club on a turntable that discovered its own speed between 33 and 45. It's bleak and it's burned out and that's just the way we love it. Raise a glass and smash it later. (Chris Ziegler)

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