The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Dr. Dog--See Thursday
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Monday, February 24

Matt Costa
Detroit Bar
You can't talk about the history of Detroit Bar without bringing up our favorite Huntington Beach folkster Matt Costa. From the time he came on the scene in the mid aughts, to the release of his self-titled fourth album, we don't think he's gone a single calendar year without having a memorable show there. Now that the place is closing, it's only right that the Brushfire Records sensation unleashes one more set of whimsical campfire pop for us with support from Dustin Lovelis. (Nate Jackson)

Tuesday, February 25

OC Music Awards Best Live Band Finals
The Observatory

For those who showed enough stamina and local pride to make it out to seven week's worth of showcases, the finals to decide OC's Best Live Band is the only show that matters this week. The last bands standing in this rock heavy lineup all have one thing in common--they know how to put on a good show that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Featuring Rebel Revive, Midnight Hour, Well Hung Heart, Beneath the Buried and fan vote wildcard Solution, we promise that whatever Tuesday's lineup lacks in diversity it will make up for in head banging and ear-ringing enthusiasm. (Nate Jackson)

The Circuits and The Regal Peaches
The Prospector
Long Beach's The Circuits take disco-punk rhythms (yes, there's cowbell!) and meticulous pop guitar--Vampire Weekend borrowed that super-clean tone from Paul Simon and maybe Circuits did, too--and use it to build songs about life and love and the complications thereof. LA's The Regal Peaches are some kind of costumed maniacs, switching instruments and bending genres in indie-pop songs that are just bristling with quirkiness. (It's mellow on MP3, but they really commit live--weird hats, banter and bouncing around like it's a ska show at Chain Reaction way back when.) Prepare for dudes feeling it, and be ready in case you start feeling it, too. (Chris Ziegler)

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