The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Miley Cyrus--See Thursday

Tuesday, February 18
New Politics
The Constellation Room

New Politics' single "Harlem" has rightfully been getting generous airplay on the radio these days for its catchy pop rock energy and playful vocals, but imagine shifting that excitement from your car to a live venue. The Danish trio have been sweeping the nation since their first big music festival in 2010 (SXSW, not bad!) and have been a hit from casual radio listeners to big musical names like Tommy Lee and Questlove. Currently touring with fellow alt-rock bands Sleeper Agent and Magic Man, New Politics rock a mean show and demonstrate how fun and infectious modern alt rock can be. If you're up for a rip-roaring good time and a chance to connect with a solidly entertaining band, come check out this show at none other than The Constellation Room at The Observatory. (Aimee Murillo)

OC Music Awards Showcase Night 7
The Continental Room

If somehow you've managed to miss the last six weeks worth of the OCMA's live band showcases, you should probably get off your butt this week and park yourself at the Continental Room. Tuesday marks the seventh round of performances before the finals at the Observatory and lucky for us they're closing things out at one of our favorite spots in Downtown Fullerton. Inside the blood red belly of this old school haunt, the final five cranking up their amps in the competition include The Higgs, Lowly Spects, Asleep at the Gate, Well Hung Heart and Big Monsta. (Nate Jackson)

Thursday, February 20

Miley Cyrus
Honda Center

Good god, if only we could erase the term "twerk" from human language, never to hear it again. Miley Cyrus, the train-wreck-in-waiting for this generation (a "generation" in Hollywood terms is only about five years, you see), stops by the Honda Center on her predictably innuendo-titled current tour, where the press will focus more on her antics than live performance credibility. And that's a damn shame, because she's actually a very talented young artist with a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, her forced in-your-face sexuality is all anyone cares about anymore. We've seen this story before--hopefully she'll pull a Britney and eventually come out shining. (Erin DeWitt)

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