The Five Must-See Shows in OC The Weekend

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Lucinda Williams--See Friday
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Friday, February 21

The King's Inn "Last Show at Detroit"
Detroit Bar

As the days wind down for Detroit Bar, we're seeing various local acts say goodbye to the local haunt in their own special way. For the folks looking for one last plaid-wearing hoe down, the good people of King's Inn have put together two night's worth of the best Americana, blue grass, whiskey-fueled jam artists they could muster. It starts tonight with Moonsville Collective leading the pack with support from RT N the 44s, Sam Outlaw, Ted Z and the Wranglers, and These Pilgrims. Make sure to come out the next night to watch a headlining set from the avant guard cowboys of Restavrant. (Nate Jackson)

Lucinda Williams
The Glass House
For the better part of four decades, Lucinda Williams has been one of the best songwriters going. Over the course of ten albums, Williams has moved from earthy blues and folk to jangly country/pop. What has remained consistent is her breathtaking vocal delivery and unflinching honesty. See her at the Glass House this weekend with support from the Kenneth Brian Band. (Darryl Smyers)

Saturday, February 22
The Dickies
Alex's Bar
When looking back on the pioneers of punk, too often we're greeted with images of towering Mohawks and menacing sneers. Not so with the Dickies, who served up liberal helpings of campy humor with crunchy, distorted guitars and screeching vocals. Witness the über-hilarious video for the 1979 song "Banana Splits," which features singer Leonard Phillips repeating the refrain "banananana" into a peeled-banana mic. And despite some dark days (such as when drummer Jonathan Melvoin OD'd on heroin while touring with the Smashing Pumpkins), they've managed to keep their snotty sense of humor intact after all these years. (Erin DeWitt)

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