The Five Best Metal Shows in February

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Stone Sour--See Thursday
Stone Sour
The House of Blues Anaheim
February 6

Vocalist Corey Taylor and guitarist Jim Root--two of the main masked madmen of Slipknot--join bass guitarist Josh Rand, bassist Shawn Economaki and drummer Ray Mayorga to form Stone Sour, a band built less around chaos than slipknot, featuring four less members. Stone Sour's music is best described as melodic and accessible but still carrying on metal's influence for a mainstream modern rock with an edge type audience. But, don't let that fool you, Stone Sour is way more than jut a side project, having formed in 1992. As a unit, the band showcases the collective talent, musicianship, and songwriting ability that each of its members contributes. This is a band that is definitely not as heavy or dark as Slipknot, but for many fans, just as passionate. Make no mistake about it; Stone Sour is a stripped down, hard rock band where no masks are required.

2.Infinite Death/Dawn of Eternity and many others
The Riff Haus
Feb. 8

This show is a good sampling of the extreme underground metal scene in the LA/OC area. These bands within this sub-culture are the real deal when it comes to brutality, dedication to the live shows, and a strong sense of the DIY spirit. Infinite Death is a thrashy death metal band from Whittier, who although are young up-and-comers, certainly can incite a crowd of head bangers like it was the mid '80s. Most of the bands performing are up and comers, but still heavy influences of '80s metal, thrash, black metal, beer, weed, warfare, and the occult are all apparent. Also appearing at this show, along with many other underground extreme metal bands, is Anaheim's own Dawn of Eternity.


3.Devil You Know-Playing as All Devolved Shall Engage
Chain Reaction
Feb. 15

Howard Jones, former vocalist for Killswitch Engage, and Blood has Been Shed has teamed up with former guitarist for All Shall Perish, Francesco Artusato, and drummer John Sankey form Devolved, Divine Heresy and Fear Factory, to form a new band known as The Devil You Know. The band is making its live debut performing under the moniker All Devolved Shall Engage, which combines the names of all the bands to which these guys were formerly a part of. Expect it to be heavy, intense and very crowded. This has the potential to be big so early arrival is recommended. If you are a fan of death metal, metal core or any of the three aforementioned bands, you might want to check this show out.

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