Michael Bolton Talks Sex Appeal and Mullets, in Illustrated Form

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Jena Ardell

Did you know that Michael Bolton's real last name is 'Bolotin'? (Pronounced 'below-tin'). Or that he is a major Scrabble nerd? These are important things to know.

Bolton's talent supersedes any genre. He has worked with an eclectic array of musicians, including: Pavarotti, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Lady Gaga, Percy Sledge, Ne-Yo, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

While his commercial cameos are starting to drive us batty, we always enjoy catching glimpses of Bolton's comedic side. We're hoping he teams up with the guys from The Lonely Island again. (Remember that Jack Sparrow song that went viral three years ago?)

If these beautifully illustrated quotations aren't enough to satisfy your craving for the hunky Fabio of soft rock, be sure to check him out on tour and be sure to wish him a Happy Belated Birthday on twitter. He turned a smoking hot 61 on Wednesday.

Illustrated quotation above was taken from a People Magazine interview.

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Jena Ardell

--via nzwomansweekly.co.nz

Jena Ardell

--via wagmag.com

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