Goodbye, Detroit Bar

Categories: R.I.P.

What started with an inaugural performance by Stereolab bloomed into years of legendary shows (Modest Mouse, Black Francis, Steve Aoki and practically every living member of the Wu-Tang Clan), residencies (Cold War Kids, Foster the People and the Growlers), club nights (Bristol Sessions, Abstract Workshop, Elephunk, Dubtroit, Le Boite Funk and Busy Work), and hundreds of artists and thousands of fans whose names could never fit into one measly print article.

In the years since Detroit dug its roots into the music scene, this unassuming club--even in its recent years of failing health--remained an important OC staple, and when it falls, we'll all hear it and feel it, even if we'd rather not admit to caring that much. Even when something new stands in its place, the memories of what it meant to the scene will always cast their shadows on this corner of Costa Mesa. And before it crosses over into the history books, the desire to carve my way to catharsis compels me to leave one more stamp on the wall before it's time to flush and move on: "Thank you, Detroit."

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