What Hip-Hop Needs in 2014

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With 51 weeks left to go in the year that'll be gone before we know it, there's ample time for some truly exciting shit to go down in the genre known for keeping it poppin', booty poppin', but I digress. While some guys'll try to mimic Beyoncè and independently drop an album paired with visuals, while others will try their chances at collaborating with a country artist, there are a few things that need to actually happen in order for this be a hip-hop year for the books. It'll take an effort from everyone with the genre's best interests at heart to make it happen, so let's see exactly What Hip-Hop Needs in 2014.

Someone Who Can Actually Twerk: With no disrespect to Miley Cyrus and all she's done for the culture of twerk, she simply doesn't have an ass big enough to rightfully represent what it means. Somebody with ass needs to take the twerk crown back. We need a young Black, Puerto Rican, or Latina with hypnotizing hip movement to take reinvent the way we think of twerking, the jirating, robust, popping of the flesh surrounding the glutes that'll make the squarest of dudes exchange the brand new hundred he's been holding onto for 100 dirty George Washingtons.

Marco Torres
New Kendrick Lamar album: With Kanye, Jay, Em and Drake releasing LPs in 2013, a vacuum of executively produced bars is created for our upcoming trip around the Sun. And the only man remotely capable of filling that void with one album (hopefully clad with Dre instrumentals) is King Kendrick Lamar. Though it's certain we'll get solid projects from young'ns like Joey Bada$$ or even K Dot's labelmate Schoolboy Q, nothing is more promising nor marketable than the most anticipated follow-up album since 50's The Massacre.

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