The Top 10 Christian Metal Bands

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Although many heavy metal purists might agree that all the best bands are affiliated with Satan, it's not a requirement for all bands who were born to head bang. On the contrary, there are plenty of Christian metal bands that range from death metal, to metalcore and '80s metal. Some artists in this realm often wish critics and fans would focus less the religious aspect--claiming it detracts from the music--while others embrace the Christian themes expressed in their songs. The end result is a sound that one might never guess is based on a love for Jesus. We now present our list of the Top 10 Christian Metal Bands.

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10. Zao
Zao began in the early '90s in West Virginia and rose to become one of the loudest, emerging bands in the metalcore scene. With a heavy Christian theme, the band's early albums were inspired by religious imagery and were heavily faith based. Yet, as time progressed, and the band's line up changed, this influence became less and less tangible in the band's music, especially since none of the original line up remains in the band. 2004's seminal album, The Funeral of God has been the band's most well known album to date. The band has toured on the Warped Tour and alongside other bands such as Misery Signals, Unearth, Dillinger Escape Plan and Shadows Fall. Also be sure to check out the more abrasive, darker and mysterious album eighth, 2006's The Fear is what Keeps us Here, produced by iconic musical engineer Steve Albini.

9. Believer
This thrash metal band from Pennsylvania were always reluctant to label themselves as a Christian band, even though the lyrics have been primarily faith based, early on in the band's career. Along with bands such as Cynic, Pestilence and other similar death metal bands, Believer's emphasis on Thrash metal truly made them a different breed among other extreme metal bands. With origins on the East Coast in the mid '80s, the band disbanded in 1994, but has reunited with an evolved sound: one that fuses elements of experimental rock, classical, symphonic and even operatic metal. The band's lyrics have often dealt with themes from the Bible, and personal struggles with religious faith. Be sure to listen to 2009's Gabriel, and 2011's Transhuman, then contrast the sound with the band's early releases, such as 1991's Sanity Obscure.

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