The Lonely Wild Conjure Up Some Rowdiness at Detroit Bar

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Zoe Ruth
While many bands ease into 2014, L.A.-based outfit The Lonely Wild have started the year fast out of the blocks. With two residencies in January, one in San Diego at Soda Bar and another one here in Costa Mesa at Detroit Bar, the quintet are almost always on stage somewhere. After they finish their brief run of Southern California shows, they're hitting the road for in February, which may culminate in an appearance at South-by-Southwest. As the band pulled into San Diego and before they went to experience one of that city's fine breweries, we spoke with lead singer Andrew Carroll about the band's immediate future, what their upcoming plans are and what he'd say to his famous namesake.

OC Weekly (Daniel Kohn): Which of the two places do you like playing more, at least so far?

Andrew Carroll: It's a toss-up. The first week in Costa Mesa was really strong and San Diego was attended. In week two it was the opposite. It's very up in the air so we'll see how this week and next week goes before we decide.

How have the shows gone so far?

Really cool actually. The staff at both venues are great and unfortunately, the first night of our residency at the Detroit Bar, the staff just had been informed that the place was going to close, so everybody was a little bit bummed. But besides that, it's been a lot of fun and the crowds have been pretty rowdy.

Rowdy in what sense?

A lot of times when you play for people, crowds are a little tougher in that they'll bob their heads with folded arms. But definitely not these shows. They've been drinking and dancing, and stuff like that.

What have the sets been like? Do you mix up the set lists from night-to-night?

We have an album and an EP and we usually play between 8 and 10 songs a night depending on a few things. So we've been rotating new material and older material that we don't play that often so we can change it for people who have been coming back for each week.

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