The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Timothy Norris
Snoop Lion--See Friday
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Monday, January 6

Mystic Braves
The Constellation Room
The exciting, sun-kissed guitar and lo-fi vocals of Echo Park's own Mystic Braves is undoubtedly reminiscent of mid-'60s fuzz predecessors The Seeds, but also bursting with youthful confidence like fellow garage rock contemporaries The Allah-Lahs. Formerly Blackfeet Braves, the quartet channel the look and feel of a '60s rock group, from the shaky Super 8 footage tricks in their music videos to the shaggy hair and patterned wardrobe. It's no wonder they'd be a hit here in SoCal, where we're absolutely spoiled with music groups reclaiming classic psychedelic-garage rock these days, most notably from the Lolipop or Burger records ilk. Tonight is the first in a three-week romance between Mystic Braves and the Constellation room where all are invited to twist and shout the night away like its 1969. (Aimee Murillo)

Tuesday, January 7

Brixton Agenda Afterparty
Alex's Bar

Southern California apparel line Brixton returns to Long Beach for another Agenda tradeshow afterparty at Alex's Bar--this time a free set with two bands you probably won't see for free much more. Bleached are the Clavin sisters (of Mika Miko) with a sound somewhere between the Leave Home Ramones and Stevie Nicks solo, which really means harmony and heartbreak delivered at high velocity. (Plus some Shop Assistants wall-of-guitar too.) And (Together) Pangea are newly signed to the storied UK label Harvest and prepping an album full of freaked-out teenage Descendents-meets-Troggs rock--how's their song about being too drunk to cum go again? Oh yeah: "Tooooo drunk to cum!" This is a great chunk of LA punk as 2013 contained it--see it here now free, or from way at the back of some fest in the future. (Chris Ziegler)

OC Music Awards Showcase, Night 1
Yost Theater
It's officially that time again--your cream of the crop OC bands are about to start their annual head-to-head contest for supremacy, courtesy of the OC Music Awards, which kicks off this year in upscale fashion at the Yost Theater. This week's lineup features plenty of FM rock and indie sounds from Breach the Summit, Ceasefire, the Devious Means, Jeramiah Red and The Field Trip. Come early, doors open at 7:30 p.m. (Nate Jackson)

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