The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Lucius--See Saturday
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Friday, January 31

World's Worst Ska Competition
House of Blues Anaheim
The House of Blues is holding a world's worst ska band competition--which makes sense, everybody knows ska sucks. We jest! Seriously though, we all like to poke fun at the genre known for hyper silliness, but experiencing ska live is actually a shit ton of fun. The headliners of this event, El Conjunto Nueva Ola, don luchador masks and rock jams about pomade as well as perform an über nutty version of Lipps Inc's "Funky Town" renamed "Cumbia Town." In addition to off-beat rhythms, Conjunto's sound incorporates elements of banda as well as dub step. Joining Conjunto for this gig are a slew of like-minded ska groups including Skapeche Mode who specialize in--well, if you have to ask, then you're the one who sucks. (Brandon Ferguson)

The Observatory
You probably wouldn't figure a band that sings songs about barbecues and fast food chicken restaurants to experience much longevity. But Orange County grown punk group Guttermouth sings about exactly those things and they've been doing it for more than 20 years. Go check out the hi octane punk group, famous for inviting fans to spit on them, and returning the favor with hilarious songs. (Brandon Ferguson)

Saturday, February 1

Detroit Bar

Though they call Brooklyn their home, the indie pop outfit has a sound bigger than the hippest borough in the country. Their debut album, Wildewoman, was released last October and the charismatic quintet are embarking on a lengthy winter tour in support of it. Formed by singers Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig in Boston, things really took off when they met the rest of their bandmates upon heading to the Big Apple. The result is a blend of blissful music that's not only danceable, it contains some killer vocal harmonies and salacious hooks. Considering how gaga East Coasters are for a Lucius live show, along with a slew of big time festival dates on their calendar, this could be your only chance to see the group in an intimate (and local) setting. (Daniel Kohn)

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