Top 5 Songs to Give a Lap Dance To According to Steve Byrne

A single tear is how I end this lap dance.
Steve Byrne knows all about striking a sexy pose but something that's even more striking is that this man has moves that would that put Mick Jagger (and Adam Levine) to shame. We've already had the pleasure of talking about his talent for furious hip action, so this time before he headlines the Brea Improv January 30th- February 1st, we decided to delve a little deeper. OK, not that deep pervs. This time we got the picks for his "Top 5 Songs to Give a Lap Dance To" and hopefully, if you're very, very lucky, he'll treat you to a little dancing to go along with the incredible set he is bound to give. Trust us, you want to see this and that.

5. MC Hammer, "You Can't Touch This"

Steve Byrne: "You Can't Touch This" by Hammer is perfect because when I give a lap dance, I want to be treated like a female stripper would be treated. It's like, I can do all of the motions and you aren't allowed to touch me. All you need to do is just shut your eyes and let me take you to a place of fantasy and sexual ecstasy.

4. Jim Croce, "Time in a Bottle"

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box like with Jim Croce's, "Time in a Bottle." This is a slow and sensual song that I would hope makes you think of a significant other as well as make you realize that life is very short and you never know when you're going to die. "Time in a Bottle" isn't depressingly sad when it can be sexy. A single tear is how I end this lap dance.

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