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Avenged Sevenfold--Nominated for...a lotta stuff
Diving into January means it's time to find out who you'll be rooting for the 2014 OC Music Awards this year. The list of nominees announced today cover 22 of the 26 categories, including many of the usual suspects, some surprise new comers and superstar vs. local band match-ups we've come to know and love.

Still to come before the awards show on March 8 at the City National Grove of Anaheim are announcements for OC Impact and Lifetime Achievement honors on February 11, the Best Live Band Showcase Series finalists after the last Showcase on February 18, and The People's Choice Award nominees in March. More analysis on this roster of artists a little later. For now, we present your 2014 OCMA nominees. Full list after the jump.

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2014 OC Music Awards Nominees
(Nominees listed in alphabetical order per category)

Album of the Year - Must be released in 2013
Avenged Sevenfold - "Hail to the King"
Jeramiah Red - "The Winter Tick"
Kiev - "Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth"
New Years Day - "Victim to Villain"
Zebrahead - "Call Your Friends"

Song of the Year - Must be released in 2013
Annie McQueen - "Take Me Home"
Avenged Sevenfold - "Hail to the King"
The Colourist - "Little Games"
Young the Giant - "It's About Time"
Zebrahead - "Call Your Friends"

Best New Artist
Big Monsta
David & Olivia
Mt. Ossa
Tapioca and the Flea
The Hicks Canyon Band

Best Alternative
Iron Sharpens Iron
The Offspring

Best Blues
Brother C & Sister J
Jeramiah Red
Parker Macy Blues
Robert Jon and the Wreck
Walter Trout

Best Club DJ
Daniel Mihai aka DJ Thrifty Lips
DJ Mikey P
DJ Jeremiah Red
DJ Kedd Cook
Norin and Rad

Best Country/Americana
Alice Wallace
Annie McQueen
Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys
David & Olivia
Moonsville Collective

Best Electronic
Kalva Won
Lobo Incognito
Sonny Spectrum

Best Folk

David & Olivia
Matt Costa
Micah Brown
The Ultimate Bearhug
Vinnie & The Hooligans

Best Hip Hop
Kevin Parx
King of Somewhere
Locally Grown Collective
Speech Impediments

Best Indie
The Colourist
The Devious Means
The Steelwells
Young the Giant

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