Mitch Fatel is Bringing His Public Display of Perversion to Irvine!

When a comedian gets bored, it's death on stage.
Mitch Fatel is a soft spoken guy with a wicked sense of humor. Combine a sweet voice with sex-fueled jokes ranging from pillow talk to bestiality--and that's just the start of what we love about his typical stand up set. Still being somewhat of a newlywed, Fatel's comedic style has only changed for the better and when he headlines the Irvine Improv January 23rd through 26th, you'll get to witness the magic of maturity (mixed with his ever immature nature) that has made him into an unlikely star on the stand up scene. Before Mitch invades our town, we had the chance to talk to him about how being married has changed his life and act, how the media has changed in general, and what is coming up for him now that we've ventured into another new year.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Last time we talked you were dating your wife Jessica and now you've been married a year. Congrats!

Mitch Fatel: Yeah we got married on January 1st which was my request because December 20th is my birthday so, I always get really stressed out around that time. January 1st has always been my favorite day of the year because I would feel like I had a whole year ahead of me and all of the stress would go away. That's why my request was for January 1st and she did that for me so I'm very happy that we have that day as our anniversary.

Happy belated birthday as well! Has married life changed your set from what it once was?

Thanks so much! Well, I think my act is much better now! Everyone who knew me thought my act would go down because of the things I always talk about but they didn't realiz that I was marrying this crazy, bisexual, swinger chick who was kind of the culmination of everything that I had always looked for in my entire life. [Laughs.] So my act now has become funnier because my life has been revitalized and it feels fresh to me again. I'm getting older, and when you write about the same thing over and over, it starts to even make you bored. When a comedian gets bored, it's death on stage. I think now, I have this whole new life to talk about and it made me happier on stage.

Well I've been a fan for over 10 years and I know you comics like to shit all over yourselves but seriously, you've been consistent.

Thanks Ali! So you've watched me grow up and mature. [Laughs.] That's what I wanted to maintain on stage, my childlike fascination with boobies but also, I want to talk about marriage from a mature standpoint. I want to put a positive voice on marriage! Everyone is so negative about it and I think it's really fucking cool to have a cool partner that is confident and sexy.

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