"Top 5 Songs to Come Out on Stage To" According to Charlie Murphy

The music is the easy part!
Comedian, actor, writer, and storytelling extraordinaire Charlie Murphy is heading into Orange County to start your year off the right way by delivering laughs just for you at the Irvine Improv, Jan. 2-5. With the date quickly approaching, we didn't want to ask Charlie the same old questions that he no doubt gets again and again. Also since at this point we are all familiar with his with vast body of hilarious work, we wanted learn something about Charlie and the choices that he makes in his "off-stage" life. Well, not that far off-stage. This time around we picked Charlie's brain for his "Top 5 Songs to Come Out on Stage To." Hmmm...we wonder what he'll walk out to this weekend.

5- Snoop ft. Willie Nelson- My Medicine

I used to come on to the stage to this Snoop song called, "My Medicine." It's a country western song and it's a great one. Most people that were listening to it didn't even know that was Snoop. Buy my medicine, buy my medicine. Get my money, buy my medicine. [Laughs.] Yeah, that's Snoop Dogg! I'm not a baby so I've been around and I like all kinds of music, you know?

4- Jay-Z/Kanye West ft. Otis Redding- Otis

I used to use this one a lot too. I like Kanye but he's not the best ever. Not to me anyway. [Laughs.] He has a long way to go and he can feel like that about himself but for me, you can't tell me to feel like that! Me personally, I can name several rappers that I'd put before him you know? He's dope, but he ain't the best. I like Jay-Z too but the reason I like this record is more because of Otis Redding. The Otis Redding hook is awesome. That's what sold this record. Come on now!

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