We Reminisce With Brandon Boyd Before His 'Sons of the Sea' Tour

Photo by Brian Bowen Smith, courtesy of management.

To call Brandon Boyd an 'artist' is an understatement; he's a poet, lyricist, painter, muralist, illustrator, musician and activist. Coined as "elegant, nuanced pop" by Billboard, Boyd's Sons of the Sea whimsically augments his known Incubus works, delivering a comfortable landing into a familiar avian dream. Now, with his second solo album and third art book under his belt, Boyd seems ready--but is not rushing--to reconvene with Incubus.

We chatted with the talented frontman to discuss Sons of the Sea, and wound up reminiscing about his favorite '80s movies and what he misses about the '90s.

OC Weekly (Jena Ardell): You've described the sound of your solo album The Wild Trapeze as: "...a guy in a room surrounded by toys who has an undying enthusiasm for finding out what each toy does, and has been given full license to make as much noise as he pleases."

What things would be you be surrounded with to represent the sounds of Sons of the Sea?

Brandon Boyd: The toy analogy is a pretty good analogy, but in Sons of the Sea, it's as if an expert toy maker were in the room with me, that being [producer] Brendan O'Brien. Or if we were in a candy factory, [O'Brien] would be Willy Wonka and I would be the enthusiastic, young chocolate lover (laughs). I might regret that analogy at some point, but whatever.

Ten years ago, your tour rider with Incubus included: a case of Corona, Diet Coke, some ginger ale, peanut butter and jelly and some deli meats. What requests are on there now? They must have changed a bit...

They have changed a little bit. We're still pretty low-maintenance when it comes to our backstage rider, but it's gotten a little more maintenance. I've become a gluten-free person in the past two years. Not so much by jumping on the bandwagon, but [because] I found out I was allergic, so there is now a pile of gluten-free snacks and all of these wheat-free products for me [backstage]. I don't drink soda either, so now there are different selections of teas. I think we now also have a bottle of Glenfiddich, at least 12-year-old aged scotch in the room, too, just to supplement our lifestyle a bit.

Is it true that you're lactose-intolerant? Did anyone else find that ironic that you were lying in a pool of 'milk' in the "Come Together" video?

It is true, unfortunately, yes. (Laughs). Those who thought it was milk, I hope they would find the irony in that. Fortunately for me, it wasn't milk because I probably wouldn't be alive right now because I had to submerge myself in it and it was getting in my eyes and going in my nose. What is was though was actually dolphin drool. We collected as much dolphin drool on the incoming tide as we could the week before. Fortunately, dolphin drool is lactose-free and cruelty-free. Don't believe me. It was an all-purpose movie magic fluid.

Was the video for "Come Together" shot in one take?

Yes, it was a one-take thing. There are pivotal moments when you can see a worried look on my face and that was both worried that I was going to slip and injure the young lady who was sitting on top of me and also a worried look that I wasn't going to get the take because we could only do three or four takes in total because we were running out of the [liquid] and you can only reuse it so many times.

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