The 10 Best Metal Drummers

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Heavy metal wouldn't be heavy metal without the guitar. However, the drums will always be the adhesive that holds all of the band's insane shredding together. Percussionists are sometimes overlooked in many genres of music, but this isn't the case when it comes to heavy metal. To be a metal drummer, one has to acquire more than the art of musicianship. Heavy metal drummers need to have precision when it comes to speed, rhythm, keeping and holding down a beat, timing, flexibility, endurance and power. It is not just force and speed alone that makes a great metal drummer. Some of the following drummers showcase their talent and creativity by playing in more than one band and expanding to play more than one sound. We now present our list of the Ten Best Metal Drummers.

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10. Emilio Marquez-Asesino, Brujeria, Posesessed, Sadistic Intent...
Emilio Marquez is the drummer for the Mexican themed brutal death metal band Asesino- an offshoot of Brujeria, led by Dino Cazares on guitar and Tony Campos on bass and vocals. Truly some of the sickest, most intense grind core drums you'll ever experience live and on record. The drums seem faster than the speed of sound, and Marquez has proved he is on fire with his fast sounding death metal drums. His uncanny stamina allows him to make pounding the drums seem effortless.

He has also served time behind the drum kit for Brujeria, as well as LA's underground extreme black metal band, Sadistic Intent, and a current incarnation of Death Metal pioneers Possessed. Aside from this, Marquez also plays drums in a horde of other local underground LA Extreme metal bands like Meat Shits, Coffin Texts, Engrave, all of whom stand within the true sounds of underground extreme metal from LA.

9. Danny Walker-Intronaut, Exhumed, Phobia, Uphill Battle...
This talented SoCal native has been in the metal scene for over a decade in a plethora of underground extreme metal bands like Phobia, Murder Construct, Exhumed and of course his main band, Intronaut. Walker also plays in, or has previously played in/recorded with Bad Acid Trip, Bastard Noise, Jesu and Uphill Battle. It was recently announced that he would also be tracking the drums for the next album by Arizona-based death metal band Job For a Cowboy. Walker was also onstage for DEATH TO ALL, the recent tours featuring reunited members of the band Death, with other guest musicians playing all Death songs live. He is definitely one of the most skilled drummers in metal, when it comes to switching tempos at light speed as can be evidenced with Intronaut's catalogue; but he is also a damn fast drummer when it comes to grind and death metal, with machine gun style blast beats fast enough to burn rubber.

Walker's signature, tribal-inspired sound also shows his extreme levels of stamina and power, most drummers in extreme metal can only hope to reach. One of the hardest working drummers in metal, he is on tour most months of the year with Intronaut, and during his time off from that band, he goes back and forth in the studio and jumping back to playing shows and touring with the various projects he's involved in. It's amazing the dude finds time to sleep.

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