Top 10 Tweeters of 2013

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All hail the Iron Sheik!
Twitter has been really taking over social media for the last few years but when it comes to 2013, it seems to have been more explosive than ever. It's turned into a source for breaking news, events, and of course, a go-to spot for non-stop hilarity during an awards show. Some tweeters do it so well in fact that they have scored book deals, TV shows, and even board games just from keeping it awesome in 140 characters or less. That's something we call, mad skills. And while some people still hate on Twitter, some people on Twitter do it so well they make it impossible to hate on them. Those people have made our list for the Top 10 Tweeters of 2013 and with that, we offer a hearty thank you for entertaining us over the year and we can't wait to see what you'll do in 2014!

10. @13spencer


We're going to be honest with you all for a minute. We have no clue who the fuck this guy from Los Angeles is or what he does in "real" life. What we do know is that "Spencer" (and we assume that is his real name) is a real tweeting treat. With quips that are at times self-deprecating and at times totally boastful, he leaves us cracking up and wanting more. And at over 28,000 tweets, Spencer really does it right and we're pretty positive that he'll continue to bust our guts for the next 28,000 tweets.

9. @NotBillWalton


Never one to hold back on mocking some of the top basketball players or random music artists and celebrities out there, "NotBillWalton" is one of the greatest accounts on Twitter hands down. Even if you aren't a fan of sports in general (do you even have a soul?), this account will have you crying tears of laughter while he stays either enthralled or appalled and oddly uses "Leviticus" for someone's middle name when he's overly excited. He even covers breaking news with a comical approach and finds gifs and Vine videos that sincerely rule. He's not the real Bill Walton but that is just fine by us because we highly doubt the real Walton could be as amazing as this ummm...not Bill Walton.

8. @DannyZuker


Cranking out tweets about current events, ripping on awards shows, lovingly talking shit on his family and friends, and doing plenty of self-promotion for ABC's Modern Family (that he writes and executive produces for), Danny Zucker is a total comedy king in the magical land of Twitter. We've talked about his amazing tweeting skills before and there's no uncertainty on our end that when it comes to Zuker's timeline, we will talk about it again and again. You've been warned.

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