The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Megadeth--See Tuesday
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Tuesday, December 17

City National Grove of Anaheim
Megadeth has had some kind of history, even for one of the world's most iconic thrash metal bands--starting with how founder Dave Mustaine partied too hard to be in Metallica, and then rocketing through the kind of high highs and low lows that make even Motley Crue's up­and­down history seem a little sedate. When they shredded, they shredded to a point just past the prior theoretical limits of human shreddery, and when they hit hard times (like the long­shot accident that came out of nowhere to temporarily eliminate Mustaine's ability to play guitar), they left a giant smoking crater. From Mustaine's rating as the greatest metal guitarist ever to Mustaine's, shall we say, "unpredictable" politics prompting no less than Gwar's extraterrestrial hellbeast front man Oderus Urungus demanding he "shut the fuck up," it's been nothing less than fascinating. (Chris Ziegler)

The Writer's Den
Musicians looking to turn aspirations into live performances get their shot with the Writers Den open mic night at Harvelle's in Long Beach. The weekly residency came to fruition thanks to celebrated local songstress, Stacy Clark--the New York native molded the event after her own encouraging experience with an open mic night in Buffalo. Clark offers other artists the same opportunity by creating a welcoming vibe in a noteworthy venue--seasoned acts warm up the house before the stage opens to the public (and nervous newcomers). Catering to a drinking-age crowd, Writers Den kicks off this week, running every Tuesday through December, and offers hopeful singer/songwriters a chance to step into the spotlight, if only for a night, and share their music with a captive audience. (Heidi Darby)

Wednesday, December 18

Hard Day's Night (Beatles Tribute)
The Continental Room
Nearly every night of the week, The Continental Room is one of the best places around to catch an exciting new band paired with an ice cold drink. Tonight is the night when Beatles tribute extraordinaires A Hard Day's Night reenact the spirit of the swinging '60s with cover tunes of one of the biggest groups of the 20th Century. Show up a little early tonight to catch resident DJ's Wrack 'Em Frack 'Em and Ody set the mood right, from quiet evening out to frenzied dance party. If you've been working like a dog like the rest of us, come out and enjoy A Hard Day's Night. (Aimee Murillo)

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