The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Death By Stereo--See Friday
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Friday, December 13

Kanye West
Honda Center
You don't have to like a person to respect their work. This is a realization many were forced to face when Kanye West became famous. But regardless of his ego, sense of entitlement and arrogance, West continues to dazzle audiences with his undeniable artistic talents--evidenced by his selling more than 30 million albums and 78 million digital tracks worldwide. His Highness of Self-Aggrandizement also possesses 21 Grammys; had six consecutive number one albums; and holds the record for the highest grossing tour in hip-hop history with Watch the Throne, co-headlined by Jay-Z back in 2011. West's newest tour, Yeezus, with opening act Kendrick Lamar, coincides with his latest album of the same name--a critically-acclaimed digital masterpiece that is as captivating to listeners as West's antics are to gossip columnists. Become as enthralled by Kanye in person as he is with the mirror when you watch the Yeezus tour at the Honda Center. (Amanda Parsons)

Death By Stereo 15th Anniversary Show
Alex's Bar
Happy birthday to screamer/singer Efrem Schulz, whose band Death By Stereo is 15 years old and who (according to the band online) is finally turning...21? Does that math work out? Was he really just six years old when he started the band that put a metalcore stake through the heart of north county--and kinda perfected the art of the too­long song title, too? (Like "Mess with One Bean, You Mess with the Whole Burrito" and "I Wouldn't Piss in Your Ear if Your Brain was on Fire.") For a band this ferocious to last this long is like a Tyrannosaurus Rex surviving in the Sierra Nevadas, and either way, this anniversary show Wear black--but in celebration! (Chris Ziegler)

Saturday December 14

Glass House
Sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin are cut from the same cloth, providing a light and airy pop punk sound wrapped up in their dream-laden band known as Bleached. After their similarly noisy group Mika Miko disbanded, the sisters went off on their own paths before coming back together years later in Los Angeles to put their heads together for Bleached. Tonight's show at the Glass House will surely encapsulate that "lust for life" Iggy Pop was talking about with fellow frenetic pop punk bands together PANGEA and Cherry Glazzerr hitting the stage. With together PANGEA's talent for espousing raucous jams, and Cherry Glazzer's sun-drenched psychedelic sound, there's way too much fun going on to miss out. (Aimee Murillo)

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