The 13 Best Concerts of 2013

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Andrew Youssef
As we sit back in the waning days of December and sift through all our old ticket stubs, it's impossible not to get a little sentimental about 2013. OC concert goers definitely had their fill of great gigs, from the arena-fillers at the Honda Center to the barn burners at the Observatory. We've been spoiled, yet again, by the talent that breezes through here and even more so by some of our music scene's up-and-comers and amp shredding veterans. Pardon us if some of our memories are a little hazy from all the tailgating, but we did what we could to whittle down our year's worth of reviews to a select group of shows worthy to be called the 13 Best Concerts of 2013. Click the titles to read the full reviews.

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Josue Rivas

13. Molotov - The Observatory - Aug. 11
When Molotov takes the stage, the excitement in the crowd is unlike anything I've ever experienced at a concert. My generation (Gen-X) and my demographic (hipster) tend to approach concerts, even amazing concerts, with a cavalier attitude like, "Yeah, this is good, but don't expect me to SHOW that I like it." The Molotov crowd have no such hang-ups. They express their utter elation about seeing and hearing this band loudly and passionately. I feel frustrated because I don't speak Spanish, but at some deep-down level, I get it. I know this is important, I feel it, and while I can't articulate exactly what the band is singing, I know it matters. It matters to these hundreds of people, and it somehow matters to me too. (Jesse La Tour)

12. Reggie Watts - Segerstrom Concert Hall - Jan. 23

As he stood underneath the glaring spotlight on the massive stage at the Segerstrom Hall for the Arts for the 2nd annual Off Center Festival, Reggie Watts was instantly struck by the size and grandeur of the nearly 2,000-seat capacity concert hall, one befitting of it's illustrious founder...Bob Seger. Well, that's how Watt's described it anyway after walking onstage to a fiery applause from a decent crowd of giggly twentysomethings. Many of them, like us, had been smiling as they walked up to one of OC's classiest venues to see a man who's coined such trademark songs as "Fuck Shit Stack" and "What About Blowjobs." (Nate Jackson)

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