The Five Best Stand-Up Comics of 2013

Steven Meckler
Finally Doug has a podcast!
We've covered a lot of fantastic comics over the years but when it comes to this year, there were definitely some comedic favorites that had people buzzing around the world. Whether they made it into beautiful Orange County or not in 2013, we were all watching, laughing along, and becoming even bigger fans of their work. It's undeniable that a list like this could go on and on and depending on your taste in comedy and the location you live, chances are that you might not agree with our picks. And that's fine by us. As long as you watch and support live comedy we can always agree to disagree but when it comes to our choices, well, here are our top picks for the "Five Stand-Up Comics That Had a Stand-Out Year in 2013."

5- Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has mastered fearlessness down to a science. She's unapologetic about the adventurous nature of her sex life, she's openly honest about her feelings on what some might consider "taboo topics," and she delivers an unquestionably hysterical stand-up set thanks in part to her sweet face and her sharp tongue. Her Comedy Central series, "Inside Amy Schumer" was renewed for a second season meaning that we'll be seeing a lot more of this lovely gal in 2014. And in our opinion, we couldn't be happier about that because Schumer rules.

4- Ralphie May

Ralphie May has always been quite the workhorse with a touring schedule that seems never ending and this year, that was no different. Ending 2012 on a lower than usual note, this big man did even bigger things in 2013 traveling around the world to entertain his adoring fans. Speaking his mind on-line and on stage, May pleases sold-out crowds with his outspoken nature, his personal stories, and he supplies the house with non-stop laughter thanks to his "special" nicknames for body parts. 2014 also marks the return of his "Perfect 10 Podcast" (that he hosts with his comedian wife Lahna Turner) meaning next year, he'll be busier than ever. You go, boy!

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