E-40, Too $hort, Andre Nickatina - The Observatory - December 29, 2013

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Nick Nuk'em
E-40, Too $hort, Andre Nickatina
The Observatory

Bay Area legends E-40, Too $hort and Andre Nickatina made their way to OC on the Lord's day to sprinkle some game on good folks of So Cal. Nickatina, a gritty underground favorite, started off the multi-headlined night, spitting verses for classics like "Conversation with the Devil" and "Ayo for Yayo." Grasping the air with his hands raised, Nicky gave repeated praise to his late partner Mac Dre several times during his short set, which captivated college looking students and graffiti artist types alike.

After a drawn out intermission, Too $hort appeared from backstage, peeling out of his Golden State Warrior jack while Wiz Khalifa's portion of "On My Level" played through the house speakers. At first, Short Dawg recited his verse nonchalantly, hardly reciprocating the crowd's excitement to see the average-sized rapper.

"Now, let's get started!" Too $hort said before prompting those who were life of the party before going into the hit song known to make house parties pop off since it's release. With this, the Bay Area pioneer was turned up never missing an opportunity to say his favorite word-- "Bitch!"-- throughout his set.

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Nick Nuk'em
Too $hort
The party of the night really began when a few girls were invited on stage to do a little booty bouncing for the performance of "Sliding Down the Pole." One girl engaged in some lightweight gymnastics, stepping over multiple rails on her way from the side of the venue of the stage much to $hort's amusement. BITCH!

"Give me a high five, bitch," he told the fanatic girl on her way back to the crowd.

But $hort wasn't all about demeaning the ladies who couldn't help but lose themselves to the sounds of the Bay Area. He had a lot of game for the ladies in attendance, reminding them that whoever called them a "bitch" should be corrected and be notified that "boss bitch" was appropriate. $hort further enlightened them that as long as they had labia, monetary struggles should not hinder their life in those exact words. BITCH!

Following this "touching" moment it was back to the $hort we all love as he chanted a sentence comprised totally of profanity and altered the different ways he could say, you guessed it, "bitch" to a rhythm. BITCH!

His set concluded with a few more of his classics, giving way to another long intermission that saw a drove of folks head home.

Right around midnight, after a Tupac sound byte introduced the ambassador of the Bay, an E-40 look-a-like in a big red shirt rapping one of the Vallejo legend's newest verses. E-40 emerged just behind him to finish the song wearing a sweater reading "BEST" in his favorite team's, the 49ers, font under a chain bulky gold bar medallion. As if he started rapping about the first thing he saw in the venue, he broke into his verse from "White Girl."

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