Doug Benson is High on Life. And High For Life.

Robyn Von Swank
I make a lot of plans, smoke, and then keep my plans.
Things we know about comedian Doug Benson: he's hysterical, he's motivated, he works a lot and seems to have his hands in several different pots all at the same time, and he is one of the biggest advocates we know for blazing up that sweet green. And sure you all know that you can hear Doug on his podcast "Doug Loves Movies" or watch him on "Getting Doug With High" on YouTube but what you might not know is, there is nothing like seeing him in action live. December 26th through 28th you'll get the chance to do just that when he headlines the Irvine Improv so end your 2013 off on an elevated note and grab your pals to pack in the house because it's high time to check out Doug!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): We all know that you are a huge marijuana supporter so, has anyone ever named a strain after you? Also, if you could name it yourself, what would you call it?

Doug Benson: I hear rumors that there are strains named after me but I've never seen any up close or smoked any. I'd name it Douglas Fir, because that's already the name of a tree.

Your podcast has been so successful for so long and I was wondering, do you think that podcasts have a hand in the way people view comedy these days?

It has certainly changed how people view my comedy. I've encouraged people at Doug Loves Movies tapings to bring name tags that are movie related because my guests play trivia games on behalf of audience members for a fun bag of prizes. But then folks started bringing name tags to my stand-up shows. So now, because of the demand, I play "The Leonard Maltin Game" at the end of most of my shows, whether it's a podcast taping or not.

So awesome. And now you're doing "video podcasting" on YouTube. Do you have a preference and do you think it'll be the newest thing that everyone gets on board with?

It's easier for people to keep up with audio-only podcasts because you can listen at work or in the car. Video podcasts take more attention, but one of the things I like about doing Getting Doug With High is that all of the episodes are on my YouTube page, so people can binge watch all of the episodes if they want.

You seem to be quite the workaholic and generally people who smoke pot aren't as motivated as you are. What's the secret?

There isn't much of a secret really. I make a lot of plans, smoke, and then keep my plans. Most of the things I do - podcasting, stand-up, watching movies - are fun for me, so being high and getting those things done is easy.

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