Dave Mustaine Remembers His Best Times With Megadeth

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Travis Shinn
Dave Mustaine has been at the helm of Megadeth for over 30 years. One of American speed metal's most riveting bands, Megadeth is considered one of The Big 4, alongside Slayer, Anthrax and his former band Metallica. Mustaine's elaborate, dazzling guitar work with Megadeth has created some of thrash metal's classic albums, including Peace Sells But Who' Buying?(1986) and Rust In Peace(1990). But, even albums in their later catalogue such as United Abominations(2007) Endgame(2009) or the band's latest Super Collider(2013) showcase true apocalyptic, socio-political, anti-war thrash metal. Megadeth has even earned several Grammy nominations over the years, and toured the world over, playing to millions of fans.

Dave Mustaine recently took time to briefly speak with the Weekly about the band's upcoming tour with old pals Fear Factory,(stopping Dec. 17th, at the Grove of Anaheim), his pet peeves about constantly being on the road, his biggest joys with Megadeth.

OC Weekly (Alex Distefano): Megadeth's latest tour (which began Nov. 23rd in St. Paul, Minn.) sees an opening band you have toured with in the past, Fear Factory. Are you a fan of theirs?

Dave Mustaine: Very much so. I think when you look at some of the right hand techniques Dino has, he is just a great player. The thing I love is when someone returns to a band there's a chance it will be better or worse, and for Fear Factory it was better. Some people may not like that industrial metal sound, but I do and I think they are bad ass.

With such an immense catalog of songs to choose from, how do you go about preparing your set lists for when you tour?

Well, sometimes we'll do it where we'll play a set list based on who we're playing with, other times base it on where we're playing. You never know which way it's going to be it can be one way or another. Then there have been times when we thought a set list was going to be good for a tour but we changed it. Sometimes we'll go to certain cities in one city we get an hour, another we'll have 70 minutes, and you're always changing it up. You gotta just be flexible, especially when you have over 200 songs. We're loving life as a band right now, touring a lot. We're going to try our best to entertain everyone when we come to your town.

Do you normally prefer to be on the road with Megadeth during the holidays, or at home with family celebrating?

Both, actually. There are holidays I like to be home, and holidays I like to tour. Some people celebrate certain holy holidays, while other faiths don't. We keep these things in perspective and are professionally flexible. But, usually we play New Years, but not Thanksgiving.

What are some of the challenges of touring?

I think dealing with a lot of people in the service industry, hotels, airplanes, and stuff like that. Sometimes you'll be someplace and tired, and then instances where people can be jerks to you. It's never the same as being home and being able to open your refrigerator. You have to get used to paying 8 bucks for a good bottle of water.

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