Christmas Classics on Vinyl You Really Should Own

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MusicAndMuse on etsy.

It boggles our mind to know people who enjoy listening to Christmas songs year-round, but whatever melts their non-dairy, gluten-free, no-color-added butter. The only thing better than Christmas CDs is Christmas vinyl. Maybe if you were good this year, Santa will put one of these albums inside your stocking. Everything really does sound better on vinyl... until you have to get up every few minutes to change (or flip) the record.

Enjoy some holiday cheer in hi-fidelity. Johnny Kay Sings "Season's Greetings" Vinyl LP from MusicAndMuse (above).

VeiledThroughTime on etsy.

The album art alone is worth the $12 cost (above). Includes the 1968 'hit', "He's A Chubby Little Fellow". Album from VeiledThroughTime on etsy.

vintagebaronrecords on etsy.

Waitresses's Christmas Wrapping is unarguably one of the best holiday songs. How cool would you be if you unveiled this classic for your friends to hear on vinyl?! From vintagebaronrecords on etsy.

RedoneAndVintage on etsy.

It isn't Christmas without the angelic voices of The Chipmunks. Set of two albums from the 60s from RedoneAndVintage on etsy.

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